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Every trail has a number of gems to discover!

With trail access into completely different mountain ranges (Selkirk and Purcell), there is a variety of terrain and ecosystems to explore. There are numerous impressive trails in protected wilderness areas, like Valhalla, Kokanee Glacier and Goat Provincial Parks as well as remote trails on crown land. Some trails are better suited to depart from Nelson, while others are easier access from Kaslo or New Denver. Access by vehicle varies in terms of road maintenance; some may require a high clearance vehicle. We have categorized the trails to suit easy, moderate and advanced hikers. Here are some of our favourite hiking trails.

Easy Walks

Enjoy the spaciousness of spectular mountain views or walk into the depth of an old growth forest. Find your own pace, walk your speed and appreciate the ease of guided trail walking in the West Kootenays. Ideal for kids, families or those not familiar with hiking. Walk with the timing that suits your body

Moderate Hikes

Enjoy lasting alpine impressions at a moderate pace, hike for 4-6 hours and depending on the location and season, learn the unique stories linking plant to animal and elevation to critter. Ascend slowly and realize how easy it is to summit and explore ridges while you enjoy the flora of alpine meadows.

Advanced Hikes & Treks

Enjoy an 8-10 hour day in the high alpine hiking remote and advanced high-elevation guided hikes on established and at times very rugged trails in the West Kootenays. Walk on ridges or in alpine meadows, while soaking in unending mountain views. Discover the signs of wildlife and unique flowers that exist in the high alpine zone. See how your body adapts to walking on or off the trail.

Uncover the trail that suits your hiking style…

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Alps Alturas

Striking views, alpine meadows, dramatic basins with a perfect lake to soak your feet in are all on the menu at Alps Alturus. You’ll share …
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Drinnon Pass and Gwillim Lake

The trail leads you through a mature forest into the picturesque sub-alpine terrain of Valhalla Provincial Park. Enjoy walking by rugged rocky outcrops and discover …
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Fry Creek Canyon

Wander on a gentle historic trail that suspends above the canyon, enjoy the sound of gurgling water and discovering the tributaries that feed the river. …
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Gimli Peak and the Valhalla Guardians

Located in the Valhalla Mountains, the stunning rock of Gimli, Asgard, Daag and a number of other impressive summits greet you as you ascend the …
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Idaho Peak Lookout

This scenic trail is one of the most popular walks and rightly so, as easy vehicle access brings you right into the alpine. The …
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Jumbo Pass

Located in the heart of the Purcell Mountains, Jumbo pass presents some impressive views of glaciers, moraines and peaks in a panoramic direction. Walk into …
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Kokanee Glacier Keyhole

If you are comfortable with heights and enjoy scrambling on boulders, consider pushing your fitness level with a hike up to the keyhole, a small …
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Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

A unique protected area with trailheads close to Nelson. Walk up to Kokanee Lake by wandering through wildflower meadows after a gentle ascent through a …
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Macbeth Icefield

Your hike to the Macbeth Icefield will take you through lush meadows, old forests and challenge your muscles to ascend a series of stairs to …
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Monica Meadows

The trail ascends through subalpine forest, landing you in incredible paintbrush landscape of flowers, particularly mid-summer.
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Old Growth Forest

Cedar Grove trail is a stunning forest with a dramatic grove of old cedar and hemlock trees, wander through avalanche terrain and along the gurgling …
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Pine Trees of Pilot Peninsula

After a scenic ferry trip to Crawford Bay, enjoy a full day of gentle hiking on the east side of Kootenay Lake in the giant …
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Silver Spray and Woodbury Drainage

Hike up the steep Silver Spray Cabin trail and be rewarded with stunning alpine views in delicate meadows and recent burn subalpine ecosystem.
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Whitewater Pass

Explore into grizzly bear terrain with your guide. Notice the colours of lichen on the rock walls change as you ascend into the subalpine and …
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