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Multi-day backcountry ski touring adventure far from the crowds…

Join one of our ski traverses and experience the rewards of skiing through rugged mountain ranges for several days while carrying your home with you. Along the way, you will leave only ski tracks on some of the most remote mountain ranges, peaks and glaciers in Western Canada. Whether you are interested in a comfortable hut-to-hut experience or an exclusive tent based ski traverse, SMG can provide you with the adventure of a lifetime.

British Columbia is the ultimate destination for multi-day ski traverses. It is blessed with hundreds of relatively remote and snowy mountain ranges providing endless possibilities for the adventurous backcountry skier. SMG offers various ski-traverses ranging from just a few days to week long trips. Mid to late winter is the best time for such trips as the snowpack and the weather tend to be more stable. Spring, with its warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, is the optimal season for a ski traverse. Below you will find a link to some scheduled trips. Contact us with area of interest or for more details, we are expert at designing custom trips to fit your skiing background.

Browse our Ski Traverses & Basecamps below

Ski Traverses & Basecamps

Backcountry Basecamps

This remote, tent based, backcountry trip is ideal for those looking at ski touring in seldom visited terrain far from the crowds. It is an …
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Custom Ski Traverses

Let us know about your dream ski traverse! We have the expertise and experience to co-create a custom ski traverse to suit your needs and …
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Jumbo Glacier Traverse

An advanced tent based ski traverse at the headwaters of the well-named Jumbo & Glacier creeks in the Purcell Mountains. This 7 day trip links …
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Kokanee Glacier Traverse

This little known gem is our local favorite! It is an interesting 5-day trip and a good introduction to tent based ski-traverses. The highlight includes …
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Valhalla Traverse

The Valhalla traverse is the ultimate West Kootenay traverse. This committing, 7 day, tent-based ski traverse is a challenging trip with big ascents and descents …
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Waddington Icefield Traverse

The Waddington Range is a sub-range of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in southwestern British Columbia. This 8 day heli-access ski traverse follows …
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Wapta Icefield Traverse

An outstanding ski traverse in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, a must do! This multi-day hut-to-hut ski traverse follows the spine of the Wapta …
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Z-Bonnington Traverse

A West Kootenay classic! This hut-to-hut tour is a good introduction to ski traverses. It offers fantastic tree skiing, open bowls and sharp ridges along …
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