Custom Backpacking Trips
Custom Backpacking Trips
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Custom dates only, season dependent


Program specific

Group Size
1:6 maximum
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced

Custom Backpacking Trips

Let us organize the adventure of your lifetime...

We offer custom backpacking programs tailored to individuals and groups interested in specific locations in Western Canada and the world. Organizing programs in little known and remote locations is one of our forte. For such programs, significant research and preparation must undertaken by our office. Collaboration with trip leaders goes hand-in-hand to etch out the best possible plan considering all variables relatives.

We are fully insured and certified for organizing trips in the Canadian arctic, Patagonia, the European Alps, the Himalayas and other lesser known areas worldwide. We have access to a network of local guides and resources to maximize the experience and smooth out logistics. Acquiring permits and ironing out final logistics in some areas requires much time. Contact us in advance with your ideas and lets start planing!

Program specific. For all trips, we will meet in the town or city closest to the starting point 1day before the intended starting date.

Some program locations are more difficult to reach than others. For all international programs, we recommend that you arrive at the starting point 2-3 days ahead of the starting date. This will help you get familiar with the culture, facilitate jet-lag adjustment and help start the acclimatization process at elevation if needed. It could also help with lost luggage occurring during transportation.

We realize that this may not be entirely possible for every trips, specially the ones in extremely remote areas. That said, the success of your trip depends on participant arriving healthy with all their gear on time.

Trip dependent. Programs are beginner to advanced. Good physical fitness, comfort and experience with hiking and carrying a pack. Guests are responsible to self evaluate their skills as groups need to be matched together based on prior experience and ability. Please contact us to discuss your background and which location would suit you best.

We organize trips in Arctic regions, Patagonia, European Alps, Himalayas and many other lesser known areas worldwide.

Depending on location, camping may be required (e.g. arctic programs) while other programs will be based in tea houses (e.g. Nepal treks).

Getting to the starting point or your program will undoubtedly require a combination of mainstream air travel and less common travel means (e.g. helicopters, float planes, etc.).

Contact us in advance with your ideas and lets start planing!

Due to the higher elevations, proximity to dominant winds and weather conditions, mountain weather is difficult to predict. It is most often worse than the weather in the surrounding valleys and can change quickly as it is really hard to predict for more than 24hrs ahead.

Generally speaking, our backpacking programs occur during the destination’s optimal season and weather. Optimal weather in the Southern hemisphere is different than in the Northern Hemisphere. Similarly, optimal weather in in the Northern hemisphere differ between areas. For example, the optimal season for trekking in Nepal is Fall while Summer is more optimal for European trips.

Contact us with your destination of interest and we will help you determine the optimal season for your trip.

  • Pre-trip planning support
  • Fully certified IFMGA and/or ACMG Guide services
  • Alternative plan based on current conditions
  • Technical mountain equipment
  • Group kitchen, tarp, cooking supplies
  • Park permits and Liability Insurance
  • Emergency response plan
  • Group safety equipment

Services NOT included:

  • 5% GST tax (location dependent)
  • Dinners & breakfast meals on trip, available for $50/night
  • Camping fees
  • Personal clothing, overnight equipment, hiking boots *see equipment list for more details
  • Lunch & snacks
  • Travel to meeting location and accommodation prior to field portion trip
  • Transportation costs or heli-drop if applicable
  • gratuities
  • trip interruption, cancellation insurance or medical insurance
  • additional costs incurred if changes made to itinerary due to weather

How experienced do I need to be?

On this backpacking and glacier walking program will benefit from previous hiking experience.  Good physical fitness is a must, comfort and experience with carrying an overnight pack is very useful.

Is it safe?

On all backcountry programs, we provide you with fully certified IFMGA / ACMG guides. This provides you the highest safety standards in the industry. While it is impossible to eliminate all the hazards, our guides will maximize your experience and greatly minimize the risks involved.

Can I rent some of the equipment needed during the programs?

On the overnight tenting programs we offer participants access to hiking or camping equipment at no extra charge however, you are welcome to bring your own.  This includes glacier trekking equipment, tents, stove, pots, etc.

Where can I purchase personal and safety equipment?

We have some equipment available for rent, contact us.  If you’d like to buy gear consider shopping in the outdoor stores in the town/city near our intended starting point. For longer trips in remote areas, having all of your gear sorted ahead of time is essential. Contact us for ideas.

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