Ski the European Alps

Ski touring in the Alps is a rewarding and civilized experience…

The European Alps are one of the most stunning high elevation mountain range in the world. They abound iconic summits, complex glaciations, stunning alpine faces and of course good skiing. Their shear beauty is gracefully complemented by a long history of mountaineering, a rich mountain culture and accessibility from its various bordering country like France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. 

Ski touring in the Alps is a rewarding and civilized experience. Lifts and telepheriques (trams) facilitate a fast access to fantastically glaciated backcountry terrain. The many backcountry huts, comfortably perched in the high alpine, offer a warm bed and are fully catered. This means that you will leisurely be ski touring with a light pack even while on a multi day ski tour. Join us on one of our European program and experience this vibrant and international mountain culture.

Every year, Summit Mountain Guides offers classic Haute Route, Berner Oberland and Monte Rosa ski programs. These programs take place in the western Alps near the bordering countries of France, Switzerland and Italy. For more information on these programs, click on the link below. If you are interested in designing a custom trip, we can organize a trip to an area of your choice.

Haute Route

The original multi day ski traverse between Chamonix and Zermatt. Experience the merging of mountain beauty and culture, this popular tour offers fantastic ski ascents and descents on high elevation glaciated terrain while staying in cozy mountain huts.

This classic tour is a great introduction to ski touring in the Alps. The Haute Route is a 6 to 7 day ski touring program best done in March & April.

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Berner Oberland

This area of the Bernise Alps is located just south of Grindelwald, Switzerland, home of the famous Eiger north face. Bernise Alps offers the most extensive glaciations in the Alps along with consistently deeper snow pack.

The peaks here are high, iconic and aesthetic for ski touring and ski mountaineering. This trip is ideal for intermediate to advanced ski touring experience. Our 8 day programs with 6 days ski touring are available from mid-April to mid-May.

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Monte Rosa Ski Peaks

Located near Zermatt, the Monte Rosa massif contains several challenging ski-mountaineering summits including the highest peak in Switzerland, Dufour Spitz 4634m.

This area offers great skiing on big relief with high broken glaciers and peak ascents requiring basic mountaineering skills. This trip is ideal for intermediate to advance ski mountaineers. This 9 day program with 7 days of ski touring is available from mid-April to mid-May.

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