Backcountry Resources

Portering Services

If you would like help carrying your food and equipment to a hut or backcountry site, we can arrange portering services for both summer and winter. 

We porter gear to Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, Valhalla Provincial Park, backcountry sites in the Goat Range, the Purcell Mountains, Rogers Pass and throughout the Rocky Mountains.  Please book well in advance in order to secure a porter and co-ordinate logistics. 

Estimates for portering 50 pounds of your gear range from $150-350.  Cost will depend on location and timing to trailhead and includes mileage charges   Please note that the per pound prices will drop dramatically if you have between 50 and 150 pounds of gear to be portered since 3 porters can share the vehicle and mileage costs, rates range from $120-$290.

For more details or for quotes on other backcountry destinations contact us.