Trip Dates

Early June to October


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Group Size

Maximum of 8

Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate

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Easy Walks

Explore Fry Creek Canyon, Idaho Peak Lookout, Pilot Bay Penisual, Cedar Grove Trail...

Join one of these wonderful easy guided walks in the West Kootenays. Ideal for kids, families or those not familiar with hiking.  Walk with the timing that suits your body.

Enjoy the spaciousness of spectular mountain views or walk into the depth of an old growth forest.  Find your own pace, walk your speed and appreciate the ease of trail walking.

Idaho Peak Lookout

This scenic trail is one of the most popular walks and rightly so, as easy vehicle access brings you right into the alpine.  The famous wildflower meadows of Idaho Peak are captured in many postcards and visitor albums.  Catch its peak in mid-July to mid-August as you wander on an easy trail that’s perfect for everyone in the family. 

The walking ridge affords you stunning views of the Selkirk Mountains and Slocan Lake. 

  • 2.8 km (1.7 mi) round trip
  • 146 m (480 ft) elevation gain
  • Trail head between New Denver and Kaslo
  • Trip into an Old Growth Forest

    A majestic forest area, come discover the lush plants that live in the cool cedar ecosystem.  Trail head is very close to Nelson. Cedar Grove trail is a stunning forest with a dramatic grove of old cedar and hemlock trees, wander through avalanche terrain and along the gurgling river of Kokanee. 

    Wander at a leisurely pace on the well established trail.

  • 2 km (1.2 mi) round trip
  • 122 m (400 ft) elevation gain
  • Trailhead close to Nelson
  • Day Trips into Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

    A unique protected area with trail heads close to Nelson.  Walk up to Kokanee Lake by wandering through wildflower meadows after a gentle ascent through a lush forest. 

    Listen for red breasted nutches in the forest, pika’s or watch marmots along the higher elevation aspect of the trail.

  • 8 km (4.4 mi) round trip
  • 445m (1460 ft) elevation gain
  • trailhead near Nelson
  • Continue on to Kaslo, Keen and Garland Lakes and extend your day to a moderate hike into subalpine and alpine terrain.  For fit hikers, continue your walk up to the newly built Trudeau cabin or arrange an unique overnight stay with your guide at this hut and do a multi-day adventure.

  • 15 km (9.3 mi) round trip
  • 436 m (1460 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trailhead close to Nelson
  • Fry Creek Canyon

    Enjoy the splendor of wandering to the mouth of Fry Creek, where water cascades noisily down the river, carving out pools and sediments that make up the beautiful beach headland jutting out in the 110 km long Kootenay Lake. 

    Wander on a gentle historic trail that suspends above the canyon, enjoy the sound of gurgling water and discovering the tributaries that feed the river. 

    Pine Trees of Pilot Penisula

    After a scenic ferry trip to Crawford Bay, enjoy a full day of gentle hiking on the east side of Kootenay Lake in the giant ponderosa pine trees and associated dry flora.  Enjoy lunch on one of the serene pebble beaches or beautiful rock outcrops. 

    For fit hikers extend your day by walking to the Tipi Camp.




    We will choose an area that best meets your experience and interest.  Contact your guide by phone or email the evening before for meeting location.

    • Meet your guide between 7-8am am at predetermined location, sign waivers and check gear
    • Drive up to hiking trail head, return time based on distance from Nelson or Kaslo.


    Programs are beginner to intermediate.  This program can be adapted to suit any level of fitness or ability.  Please contact us to discuss your background and what kind of tour would suit you best.


    Click here for equipment list


    Kootenay weather can vary drastically.  In summer you expect temperatures to be from 8 C to 28C in the day while overnight temperature can drop dramatically in the high alpine, even below zero.  Visibility could be poor or whiteout conditions when raining heavily or snowing or clear on bluebird days.  Ensure you are dressed for all variations as temperatures, wind, precipitation can change within the day. 


    Contact your guide by phone or email the evening before for meeting location.

    Services Included

    • Pre-trip planning support
    • Fully certified ACMG guide service
    • Group safety equipment (communication device, rescue kit, first aid supplies, GPS, maps)

    Not included in price:

    • Lunch, snacks
    • Personal equipment
    • Transportation costs
    • Trip cancellation, adventure travel insurance, medical insurance


    Where can I purchase personal and safety equipment?

    We have some equipment available for rent, contact us.  If you’d like to buy gear consider outdoor stores in Nelson that supply good service and quality outdoor equipment and gear rental, please ensure you rent/buy gear well in advance.

    Rivers Oceans and Mountains 354-2056
    Valhalla Pure Outfitters 354-1006