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Early June to October


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Group Size

Maximum of 8

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced

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Moderate Hikes

Explore Monica Meadows, Jumbo Pass, Gimli Peak, Drinnon Pass, Alps Alturus...

Join one of these stunning moderate guided hikes found in the West Kootenays. Take in the pristine and rugged mountain scenery on unique trails of the West Kootenays, B.C. 

Depending on the location and season, you will learn the unique stories linking plant to animal and elevation to critter. Enjoy lasting alpine impressions at a moderate pace, hike for 4-6 hours.  Ascend slowly and realize how easy it is to summit, explore ridges and the flora of alpine meadows.

The Magic of Monica Meadows

Some people would consider a visit to Monica the highlight of their journey.  The road into Glacier Creek area itself is an adventure, winding along a rapid river and affording views of the Horseshoe and Macbeth Glaciers.  The trail ascends through a sub alpine forest, landing you in incredible paintbrush landscape of flowers, particularly mid-summer. 

Wander above tree line, soaking in the steep peaks around you or rest on rock outcrop taking panoramic photos to later tape to your fridge.

  • 8 km (5.1 mi.) round trip
  • 579 m (1900 ft.) elevation gain
  • We also offer climbing programs in this scenic area.
  • Trail head is northeast of Kaslo, rough road conditions
  • Alpine Impressions at Jumbo Pass

    Located in the heart of the Purcell Mountains, Jumbo pass presents some impressive views of glaciers, moraines and peaks in a panoramic direction.  The trail contours through a beautiful mountain hemlock forest and opens up into small natural clearings full of wildflowers as you ascend into the alpine, where mountain goats are tucked away on high vertical ridges above you. 

    Walk into this scenic wilderness and you’ll understand why hundreds of people are opposed to development proposed here.

  • 8.4 km (5.2 mi) round trip
  • 686 m (2250 ft) elevation gain
  • Trail head is northeast of Kaslo
  • Gimli Peak and the Valhalla Guardians

    This is a hike you definitely don’t want to miss!  Located in the Valhalla Mountains, the stunning rock of Gimli, Asguard, Daag and a number of other impressive summits greet you as you ascend the into the alpine.  The trail wanders on the spine of easy shoulder, working its way through avalanches paths. 

    The habitat is prime for wildlife, including grizzly and black bear as well as an array of forest and high alpine flowers. 

  • 9.7 km (6 mi) round trip
  • 765 m (2510 ft) elevation gain
  • We also offer heli-hiking and classic alpine programs in this scenic area.
  • Trail head between Nelson and New Denver
  • Drinnon Pass and Gwilliam Lake

    The trail leads you through mature forest into the picturesque sub-alpine terrain of Valhalla Provincial Park.  At Drinnon pass you can scramble up the shoulder of Gregorio Peak and listen to the shrill call of pikas or continue walking to the aesthetic broad basin of Gwilliam Lake.

    Enjoy walking by rugged rockoutcrops and discover the variety of plants that seek a living in the alpine.

  • 11.6 km (7.2 mi.) round trip
  • 701 m (2300 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trail head between Nelson and New Denver
  • Alps Alturus

    Striking views, alpine meadows, dramatic basins with a perfect lake to soak your feet in are all on the menu at Alps Alturus.  You’ll share the stunning views with the grizzlies, pikas and marmots that live there. 

    The ascent is surprisingly easy as a forestry service road brings your vehicle to 1762m. 

  • 12.9 km (8 mi.) round trip
  • 995 m (3265 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trail head between New Denver and Nakusp
  • Itinerary

    We will choose an area that best meets your experience and interest.  Contact your guide by phone or email the evening before for meeting location.

    • Meet your guide between 7-8am am at predetermined location, sign waivers and check gear
    • Drive up to hiking trail head, return time based on distance from Nelson or Kaslo.


    Programs are for hikers who have some previous hiking experience or fitness that would allow for 4-6 hours of hiking.  Guests are responsible to self evaluate their skills as groups need to be matched together based on prior experience and ability.  Please contact us to discuss your background and what kind of tour would suit you best.


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    Kootenay weather can vary drastically.  In summer you expect temperatures to be from 8 C to 28C in the day while overnight temperature can drop dramatically in the high alpine, even below zero.  Visibility could be poor or whiteout conditions when raining heavily or snowing or clear on bluebird days.  Ensure you are dressed for all variations as temperatures, wind, precipitation can change within the day. 


    Contact your guide by phone or email the evening before for meeting location.

    Services Included

    • Pre-trip planning support
    • Fully certified ACMG guide service
    • Group safety equipment (communication device, rescue kit, first aid supplies, GPS, maps)

    Not included in price:

    • Lunch, snacks
    • Personal equipment
    • Transportation costs
    • Trip cancellation, adventure travel insurance, medical insurance


    Where can I purchase personal and safety equipment?

    We have some equipment available for rent, contact us.  If you’d like to buy gear consider outdoor stores in Nelson that supply good service and quality outdoor equipment and gear rental, please ensure you rent/buy gear well in advance.

    Rivers Oceans and Mountains 354-2056
    Valhalla Pure Outfitters 354-1006