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late June to early October


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Maximum of 8

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Advanced Hikes & Treks

Glacier Keyhole, MacBeth Icefield, Mulvey Basin, Whitewater Pass, Silverspray & Woodbury Basin...

Join one of these remote and aesthetic advanced guided hikes in the West Kootenays.  Walk on ridges or in alpine meadows, while soaking in unending mountain views. Discover the signs of wildlife and unique flowers that exist in the high alpine zone.

Experience the scent, sounds and vistas of high elevation hikes on an established but may at times be very rugged trail. Enjoy a full day in the high alpine.  Discover how well your body adapts to walking on or off trail.  Programs last from 8-10 hours depending on location.

Mac Beth Ice field

Enjoy the magnificence of being in the sounds and sights of where waterfalls, glacier and rock meet.  Your walk will take you through lush meadows, old forests and challenge your muscles to ascend a series of stairs to bring to a gloriously wild alpine basin. 

Your physical exertion is worth the views of Horseshoe Glacier, Mac Beth Glacier and Duncan Lake far below. 

  • 15.6 km (9.7 mi.) round trip
  • 1082 m (3550 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trail head northeast of Kaslo
  • Silver Spray and Woodbury Drainage

    Ascend into the alpine and the heart of Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.  For experienced hikers, consider walking up the steep Silver Spray Cabin trail and be rewarded with stunning alpine views in delicate meadows and recent burn subalpine ecosystem. 

    Soak in the colour of Kootenay Lake, the diverse ecology of Woodbury drainage and the peaks of the Purcells in the east.

  • 12.9 km (8 mi) round trip
  • 995 m (3265 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trailhead between Nelson and Kaslo
  • Glacier Keyhole

    If you are comfortable with heights and enjoy scrambling on boulders, consider pushing your fitness level s you hike up to the keyhole, a small notch that brings you to the edge of Kokanee Glacier. 

    Take in the views of Sawtooth ridge and the northern Selkirks from an easy ridge next to the ice.

  • 12.9 km (8 mi.) round trip
  • 995 m (3265 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trailhead very close to Nelson
  • Whitewater Pass

    Explore into grizzly bear terrain with your guide.  From your side of the valley look for clues for various four legged animals.  Notice the colours of lichen on the rock walls change as you ascent into the subalpine and watch for red tailed hawks in the wide sky above. 

    For fit hikers, continue walking by boulder fields and towards a pass of Whitewater Mtn, explore the snow that can rest there in pockets throughout the summer and experience the glorious views of Goat Range Provincial Park.

  • 13.5 km (8.4 mi.) round trip
  • 893 m (2930 ft.) elevation gain
  • Trailhead between Kalso and New Denver


    We will choose an area that best meets your experience and interest.  Contact your guide by phone or email the evening before for meeting location.

    • Meet your guide between 7-8am am at predetermined location, sign waivers and check gear
    • Drive up to hiking trail head, return time based on distance from Nelson or Kaslo.


    Programs are intermediate (very fit) to advanced.  Guests are responsible to self evaluate their skills as groups need to be matched together based on prior experience and ability.  Please contact us to discuss your background and what kind of tour would suit you best.


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    Kootenay weather can vary drastically.  In summer you expect temperatures to be from 8 C to 28C in the day while overnight temperature can drop dramatically in the high alpine, even below zero.  Visibility could be poor or whiteout conditions when raining heavily or snowing or clear on bluebird days.  Ensure you are dressed for all variations as temperatures, wind, precipitation can change within the day. 


    Contact your guide by phone or email the evening before for meeting location.

    Services Included

    • Pre-trip planning support
    • Fully certified ACMG guide service
    • Group safety equipment (communication device, rescue kit, first aid supplies, GPS, maps)

    Not included in price:

    • Lunch, snacks
    • Personal equipment
    • Transportation costs
    • Trip cancellation, adventure travel insurance, medical insurance


    Where can I purchase personal and safety equipment?

    We have some equipment available for rent, contact us.  If you’d like to buy gear consider outdoor stores in Nelson that supply good service and quality outdoor equipment and gear rental, please ensure you rent/buy gear well in advance.

    Rivers Oceans and Mountains 354-2056
    Valhalla Pure Outfitters 354-1006