Trip Dates

Custom dates on demand for small groups, July through September ideal. 


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Group Size

1:6 maximum

Skill Level

Beginner to Advanced

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On-Trail Traverses

Enjoy classic West Kootenay hiking trails day after day, stay in the alpine ...

We walk classic traverses in the West Kootenay and Rockies regions. Your guide will help you safely traverse the landscape and interpret the geology, terrain, flora and fauna along the way. 

Hiking traverses can be as easy or challenging as you like. Your guide can adjust pace and learned skills according to the groups needs and interests.  Groups and families can enjoy the bonding that occurs by staying overnight in the back country.  Individuals can enjoy taking on various leadership roles and learn how to efficiently move camp and safely navigate mountain terrain, conditions.

Hikers that enjoy trail walking, consider a hiking traverse as it gives the confidence of established trails as well as the enjoyment of moving base camp daily. Traverses are enjoyable ways to see lots of alpine terrain while staying on established trails. 

As you set up a new camp each day, you have the opportunity to discover day and night life in the back country.  With an experienced guide, this is a rewarding experience with friends or family and gives ample time for exploring the meadows, ridges and summits in the alpine.

West Kootenay (3-5 field days)

Earl Grey Pass, Purcell Mountains
Silver Cup Ridge, Goat Provincial Park

Rockies (3-4 field days)

The Rockwall, Kootenay Natinonal Park
Skyline Trail, Jasper National Park


The complete itinerary is somewhat flexible and will vary depending on participant needs, weather, conditions and course location. We will either hike in to and be based from different back country tent camps or from a remote mountain huts like Silverspray Hut, Woodbury Cabin or Kokanee Glacier Chalet).

Below is a sample itinerary for a five day program (4 field days). For hiking traverse courses, skills sessions covered include pacing and walking tips, navigation (maps, compass and GPS skills), preparedness, hazard identification, safe route selection and more.

Day 1: Pre-trip meeting 5 PM in town (2 hours)

  • Welcome, introduction, goals & agenda, waiver.
  • Review of planed itinerary and current conditions
  • Gear & meals check; session on packing strategy
  • Day 2 Hike in to remote mountain hut or back country camp location

  • early morning meet a predetermined location or trail head
  • 5-7 hour hike to base camp, varies on trail difficulty
  • set up tents, evening meal and optional session
  • Day 3 Hike to 2nd mountain camp

  • early camp breakfast
  • pack up tents and equipment
  • explore alpine meadows, pass or summits en route to next camp
  • set up tents, evening meal and optional session
  • Day 4 Hike to 3rd mountain camp

  • early camp breakfast
  • pack up tents and equipment
  • explore alpine meadows, pass or summits en route to next camp
  • set up tents, evening meal and optional session
  • Day 5 Hike out

  • early camp breakfast
  • small morning hike & camp pack up
  • 5-7 hour hike out & return to town
  • Prerequisites

    Programs are beginner to advanced hikers.  Lots of experience day hiking, good physical fitness and ability to carry a pack is required.  Prior backpacking experience can be an asset. 

    Guests are responsible to self evaluate their skills as groups need to be matched together based on prior experience and ability.  Please contact us to discuss your background and what kind of hiking traverse would suit you best.




    Due to the higher elevations, proximity to dominant winds and weather conditions, mountain weather is difficult to predict. It is most often worse than the weather in the surrounding valleys and can change quickly as it is really hard to predict for more than 24hrs ahead. 

    In summer you expect temperatures to be from 10 C to 28C in the day while overnight temperature can drop dramatically in the high alpine, even below zero.  Temperatures are much colder at higher elevations, even in the summer. It is not uncommon to have overnight freezing temperatures in the alpine, outside a mountain hut or near a back country camp. 

    It is always an interesting challenge to know exactly what you are going to get, therefore is important to be flexible with timing and not too attached to a particular goal or objective.  Be prepared by bringing all required items, this ensure you will be dressed for all variations as temperatures, wind, precipitation.


    Our On-Trail Traverses occur in the Valhalla Mountains, Goat Range, Selkirk and Purcell Mountains near Kaslo, Slocan City, Nelson and New Denver; see our favorite trails page for inspiration.  We also offer some of the classic traverses in B.C. and Alberta Rockies. 

    Contact your guide by phone or email the week before for meeting location.  Your guide will do a two hour briefing and packing demonstration the night in Nelson.

    Services Included

    • Pre-course planning support
    • Fully certified IFMGA and/or ACMG Hiking Guide, Alpine Guide or Mountain Guide services
    • Alternative plan based on current conditions
    • technical mountain equipment
    • group kitchen, tarp, cooking supplies
    • Park permits and Liability Insurance
    • Emergency response plan
    • Group safety equipment

    Services NOT included:

    • 5% gst tax
    • dinners & breakfast meals on trip, available for $45/night
    • hut based cost add $25-40/night
    • personal clothing, overnight equipment, hiking boots *see equipment list for more details
    • personal lunch & snacks
    • travel to meeting location and accommodation prior to field portion trip
    • gratuities
    • trip interruption, cancellation insurance or medical insurance
    • additional costs incurred if changes made to itinerary due to weather


    How experienced do I need to be?

    On this hiking trek program will benefit from previous overnight hiking and camping experience.  Good physical fitness is a must, comfort and experience with carrying a pack is very useful.

    Is it safe?

    On all back country programs, we provide you with fully certified IFMGA / ACMG Mountain, alpine and hiking guides. This gives you the highest safety standards in the industry. While it is impossible to eliminate all the hazards, our guides will maximize your experience and greatly minimize the risks involved.

    Can I rent some of the equipment needed during the programs?

    On the overnight tenting programs we offer participants access to hiking or camping equipment at no extra charge, however you are welcome to bring your own.  This includes:  hiking poles, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, stove, pots. Contact us for specifics and availability.

    Where can I rent/buy climbing & outdoor equipment?

    Here are a few outdoor stores in Nelson that supply good service and quality outdoor equipment and gear rental, please ensure you rent gear well in advance.

    Rivers Oceans and Mountains 354-2056
    Valhalla Pure Outfitters 354-1006