Treks & Traverses

Enjoy mountain experiences beyond the guidebook…

A multitude of multi-day hiking traverses and treks exist near Nelson, B.C. in the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains, including Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, Valhalla Provincial Park, Goat Range Park and Purcell Wilderness Conservancy.  Enjoy the natural rhythms that develop each day as you hike to a different camp.  Physically challenging and rewarding, hiking traverses and treks give you the luxury of really living in the wilderness.

Wander up to the foot of impressive granite peaks, scramble to the top or trek off trail.  With your guide learn about the signs of mountain goats or grizzly bear and feast on the diversity of flora and fauna around you. Traverses and treks can be based from a tent, hut or luxurious chalet and range in length from two to seven days.

Off-Trail Trekking

For individuals with ample hiking experience, enjoy the challenge of walking off trail in the mountains on a unique trekking program.  Hiking treks can be a fun experience with a group or family and gives a window into the high mountain alpine terrain.

Consider lifting a pack onto your back and enjoy the rewards of stunning views, remote wilderness and the satisfaction of choosing your alpine camp every evening.  Your guide will help you safely adjust to the rigor of living daily in the back country.

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On-Trail Traverses

Hikers that enjoy trail walking, consider a hiking traverse as it gives the confidence of established trails as well as the enjoyment of moving base camp daily. Traverses are enjoyable ways to see lots of alpine terrain while staying on established trails. 

As you set up a new camp each day, you have the opportunity to discover day and night life in the back country.  With an experienced guide, this is a rewarding experience with friends or family and gives ample time for exploring the meadows, ridges and summits in the alpine.

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