Interpretive Walks

Discover the stories behind the scenery; walk in a lush valley or into grand alpine meadows.

If you love learning about the environment you are traveling through, join a special theme hike.  Depending on the location and season, you will learn the unique stories behind the biology and ecology linking plant to animal and elevation to critter.  Join your interpreter for a half day walk or full day hike on a trail that best suits your level and interests. 

We offer a number of hikes, each different from one another, see our favorite hiking trails for inspiration. Choose one of our interpretive walks below and let the learning begin…

Guided Ecology Hikes

Survival in the Alpine

Learn about the unique adaptation strategies in the alpine.  The tough plants and animals that exist in the alpine could teach us a trick or two.  Learn about who is who in the plant kingdom and how they are designed perfectly for a high elevation home.  Meet animals, or signs, like the mountain goat, marmot, ptarmigan, pica or bears and be astounded by the clever living strategies. 

Relationships that Work

Understand how ecology works in the natural world.  Isn’t this a course everyone would like to take and master? Behind the scenes, learn the about the amazing relationships and evolutionary stories that link bird to tree, fungi to plant, trees and disturbance, or insect to flower.  A magical tour and introduction to life Kingdoms both in the forest and alpine zones.

Bears of the Columbia Mountains

Imagine what it might be like to follow the trail of a bear: diggings, scat, markings on foliage or tracks.  Look into what sorts of foods these mammals seek out and the unique yearly habits of black and grizzly bears.  Learn about local bear population research and their connection to other wildlife and flora.  Come away impressed by this magnificent species. 

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