Daily Guided Hikes

Make the most of your time in the high country, hike with an professional guide…

In the diversity of the rain forests of the interior range of British Columbia, lie the majestic and remote mountains of the Selkirks and Purcells. Experience walking without the crowds of the Rockies. Enjoy the pristine wilderness in the West Kootenays that exist near Nelson, Kaslo, New Denver and Rossland.

To understand the magic of the Selkirk and Purcell mountains immerse yourself in a full day guided hike.  Enjoy walking on ridges or in alpine meadows, while soaking in unending mountain views. Discover the signs of wildlife and unique flowers that exist in the high alpine zone.

Experience the scent, sounds and vistas of high elevation hikes. The length of day will range from five to eight hours on a well established trail that meets your ability or a rugged off trail adventure.  Join us in the hiking program for a high alpine hike, the quick route of heli-hiking or trek across a glacier.

Sign up for one of our local day hiking programs and let your adventure begin…

Alpine Hiking

For hikers seeking unique backcountry hikes, join a certified hiking guide for the day to walk in an alpine meadow, along aesthetic ridges or through the lush forests of the Selkirk, Monashee and Purcell Mountains.  The West Kootenay region provides a diverse array established wilderness trails for beginner walkers to very experienced hikers. 

Enjoy the pristine and rugged mountain scenery on trails in Valhalla Provincial Park, Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, Goat Range Provincial Park as well as unique places like MacBeth Icefield, Whitewater Canyon, Jumbo Pass, Idaho Peak, Mt. Gimli and many more!  We offer a number of hikes, each different from one another, see our favorite hiking trails for inspiration.

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Heli-drop Hiking

For those that have limited time or enjoy hiking in seclusion, consider a lift into the alpine.  Helicopters from High Terrain offer us speedy access and pilots choose routes that avoid disturbing wildlife. 

Experience the magnificent flight views of the Purcells and Selkirk Mountains and the excitement of being dropped off on a remote ridge, where your hiking adventure begins.

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