Mountaineering Courses

Join one of our multi-level mountaineering courses & safely maximize your learning potential…

Every year, Summit Mountain Guides offers day and multi-day summer mountaineering courses in the Nelson area, the Canadian Rockies, the Coast mountains and the
European Alps. Whether you are interested in trying this rewarding activity or have a specific learning goal we offer beginner to advanced mountaineering courses for individuals, families and groups.

We offer a wide range of courses including ; Introduction to mountaineering, Snow and Ice courses, Crevasse Rescue courses as well as personalized Alpine Skills courses. Please browse some of regular venues below or contact us for a custom trip and more information.


Introduction to Mountaineering

This 4 or 5 day course is a comprehensive introduction to general mountaineering on rock, snow, glaciers and mixed terrain. It is designed for people with minimal experience interested in acquiring the basic skills and knowledge to start mountaineering.

Rock skills include belaying skills, movement skills on rock, anchor construction, rappelling, rope handling.  Snow & Ice skills include; ice axe and crampon use, self-arrests, snow and glacier travel skills, basic snow & ice anchors, navigation, hazard assessment and crevasse rescue fundamentals as well as a possible peak ascents.

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Advanced Mountaineering

This intense 4 to 5 day course is for people interested in fine tuning their existing mountaineering skills & bringing them up to the next level. On this course, you will learn modern advanced mountaineering skills from professional mountain guides.

The topics covered include advanced snow and glacier travel, improvised snow, rock & ice anchors, ascent & descent progression in mixed alpine terrain, ice climbing, alpine rock climbing, advanced crevasse rescue, advanced navigation, route planning, mountain weather, hazard management and leadership.  To fully grasp this course, students must have previous rock climbing and mountaineering experience.

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Snow & Ice Focus

This 3 day course is a condensed introduction to mountaineering with a focus on snow, ice and glacier travel skills. It is specially designed for motivated students and people who have had exposure to mountaineering & rock climbing. 

Snow & Ice skills covered on this course include; ice axe and crampon use, self-arrests, basic snow & ice anchors, snow and glacier travel skills, navigation, hazard assessment and crevasse rescue fundamentals as well as a possible peak ascent.

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Crevasse Rescue

This 1 day course is designed for mountaineers & skiers interested in learning the skills required for safe glacier travel and crevasse rescue.

Our winter courses are designed for backcountry skiers while our summer courses specifically target the skills relevant to summer mountaineers.

We offer this course in a variety of locations in Western Canada and the European Alps.

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Day Skills Series

Our Day Skills Series is designed for people interested in acquiring or refreshing very specific mountaineering skills. It is a 1, 2 or 3 day series where participants can choose to learn a particular skills or tackle the entire series.

Some of the topics covered in the series include; crevasse rescue, Ice axe & crampon use, snow & ice anchors, self arrest & rope handling, glacier travel, navigation as well as mountain leadership.

Whether you are interested in a particular skill or want to tackle the 3 day series, you will learn modern mountaineering skills from qualified instructors in a safe environment.

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