Avalanche Training

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to make backcountry touring a fun and safe experience….

Learn how to recognize hazardous terrain and reduce your exposure and risk to avalanches.  Whether you are starting up or you are interested in deepening your knowledge Summit Mountain Guides has a course to suit your needs.  Our recreational Avalanches Courses follow the Canadian Avalanche Association models. They are highly experiential and give you safe exposure to the local backcountry.

We provide professional instruction and training in terrain management, avalanche awareness and rescue.  Our Instructors are full time professional with years of experience, industry training and a deep knowledge of safe backcountry travel.

Sign up for one of our AST programs and expand your knowledge & confidence…

Avalanche Skills Level 1 (AST 1)

Are you beginning to experience and enjoy backcountry touring? Take the AST level 1 course and learn the basic principles of safe winter travel in avalanche terrain.

Learn how to recognize & manage avalanche terrain, read & analyze snow pack information, choose appropriate up tracks, avoid avalanches and enjoy safer turns. Check out a review of the course done by Backcountry Skiing Canada for more photo’s and course perspective. 

This introductory course includes 6 hrs of classroom with 10 hrs in the field over 2 full days.  For reduced rate and time, combine AST 1 & 2.

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Avalanche Skills Level 2 (AST 2)

Are you looking for the highest recreational avalanche training?  Are you interested in boosting your skills before seeking further Industry Training Programs? The AST level 2 will deepen your knowledge, broaden your experience and skills for better decision making in avalanche terrain.

This 3 & 1/2 day program is the next logical step after completing the AST 1. Similar topics will be covered with more depth and emphasis on adapting personal exposure based on changing conditions & field observations.

This course provide the highest level of recreational avalanche training. It is also a stepping stone for further CAA industry training programs. For more info and photos, here is a link to an AST 2 course review done by Backcountry Skiing Canada during the 2014 winter.

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Managing Avalanche Terrain

The MAT is a one-day, field-based course, designed to expand on the terrain management theory taught in the AST 1 course, as well as develop winter backcountry travel skills. AST 1 is a prerequisite.

The MAT can be added on to an existing AST 1 (creating an AST 1+) or it can be a stand-alone course for people who have already taken an AST 1. AST 1 grads will benefit from this one-day field session focusing on traveling safely through avalanche terrain.

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Companion Rescue Skills

Interested in practicing and refining your rescue skills? Take this one day companion rescue skills course to install new confidence in your abilities and learn the most updated rescue information from a professional guide.

This 1 day field course, designed for participants who have taken AST 1, is based out of Nelson BC.  It follows the Canadian Avalanche Association program, goals and objectives. In addition to learning modern search practices this course provide trip planing techniques and rescue resource awareness.

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