Winter 2013 Highlights

on May 27, 2013

Winter 2013 was excellent, the ski season started off very strong and snow kept coming in dribs and drabs for most of the winter. SMG had a successful season running ski touring programs, avalanche courses and even a few ice climbing courses. This blog is a photo compilation of the winters highlights, enjoy and feel free to comment! Thanks to all who contributing to making the winter fun & safe!

It all started in fall of 2012 when Southern BC was getting pummeled by an impressive line up of pacific frontal system. Snow came in warm which help cover the early season hazards and by Christmas time we already had a 2m base!

This provided a fine start to the 2012-13 winter season, our early season avalanche courses unfolded as planned and folks were very happy about the deep powder condition over the holidays.

By the time 2013 started, we had a great base and a stable snowpack. The avalanche hazard was often in the “Moderate” range last winter.

For the most part it was a generally more stable winter than previous ones and people were often skiing some more aggressive terrain. Mid season was unusually warm in the valleys however, temperatures in the mountains stayed cool enough and snow kept coming to provide good quality snow throughout.

Our programs consisted of a mix of guiding and instructing on avalanche courses, day ski touring, ski traverses, cat skiing and ice climbing courses. Due to increased demand, we have been able to provide work to a select group of guides.

Thanks to all who contributing to making the winter fun & safe! Special thanks to guide Bernard Faure, Joe Pavelich and Marty Vidak for going out of their way to help out on various programs.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to comment below!

Gord and AST 2 crew on Evening Ridge near Nelson

Eric going back up for another run on the Asulkan glacier

Eric Sampling some fine Rogers pass powder

Jed, Bernd & Anne at Corbin Pass near Revelstoke

Jed & Anne enjoying some “Puff Daddy” at Roger Pass

Early morning at Asulkan hut near Roger Pass

AST 2 crew doing a compression test along the Bonnington Traverse

Francois & Kevin on “Lightning Strike” ridge at Kootenay Pass

Powder skiing at Rogers Pass with Marty Vidak

Contemplating the Practice Gullys on the north face of Mount Andromeda

Maxime toping out on “Shades of Beauty” in Jasper National Park

Julie flying down “Parkers Ridge” in Jasper National Park

Ascending to the “Balfour High col” along the Wapta Icefield traverse

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