The Valhalla Guidebook Project

on Jul 24, 2013

Cameron Shute and I are pleased to announce that we are embarking on a Valhalla guidebook project. After much consideration we have decided to take on the task of writing and publishing a modern guidebook dedicated exclusively to the Valhalla mountain range. We are planning to work extensively on this project over the next two years and hope it will be completed and available for the public by the spring of 2015.

Let us know if you have any ideas or feedback as we would love to hear your thoughts. To do so contact us directly using this email address:

We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime have a great summer!

David Lussier & Cameron Shute

For more info continue reading or click here to view our Valhalla Guidebook Poster

Guidebook Focus

The primary focus of this guidebook will be to compile all existing alpine rock climbs, mountaineering routes and scrambles.  We are also planning to include all worthy summer traverses, day and multi-day hikes as well as a few select winter ski touring objectives. This compilation will be accompanied by accurate descriptions for approach and ascent routes along with modern photos and topos for the various objectives in the Valhalla’s.

Area Covered and Scope

Currently we are targeting the entire Valhalla mountain range which is roughly 1800 sq. Km, and is much larger than the well-known Mulvey basin area. Technically, the Valhalla range extends from Koch creek and the Arrow Lakes basin to the south and west, northwards as far as Nakusp and to the Slocan valley on the east.

The bulk of our work will be to climb, photograph, document and write about the majority of the routes to be included in the guidebook.  We will also be researching and gathering heaps of information on topics like history, geology, ethics, local standards, etc. In an effort to create an accurate resource we will be in communication with as many climbers, mountaineers, skiers and hikers as possible. In particular we’re interested in talking with the ones that have contributed by way of pioneering new routes in the Valhalla range. 

How you can help

One of the reasons for this announcement is that we believe the local climbing community can contribute to the accuracy of the guidebook. We would like to hear from anyone interested in sharing information that could increase the quality of the guidebook. We are looking for new route information that has not previously been made public or comments on erroneous descriptions and grade discrepancies of established routes. We are also interested in including climbing or hiking photographs from the greater climbing community provided that they are high resolution. 

Above is a small poster that we will be circulating in sensible locations over the next few years to raise awareness and interest in this project.  Feel free to print it and distribute it or post it where you see fit.  The more people that contribute to this project, the more representative and accurate it will be.

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